The Alphosono Biometrics™ Assessment Programme

Alphosono Biometrics™ is an analytical process in which a person's unique symphony is determined by the human body's physical and emotional characteristics.

This approach is unique and does not exist anywhere else in the world

ASAP is the foundation for an individual to understand their personal symphony, what it means to them, and how their symphony impacts on others from a personal and professional perspective.

An individual ASAP assessment to understand personality, qualities, skills,  potential health issues, physical/mental stress points, emotional stress levels, your general outlook on life and your unique symphony.

  • Step One

    A 1-2-1 session with a body master tuner to explore the findings and impact for the future. The individual will receive a written report to support the session and reflection afterwards

  • Step Two

    A picture of the teams’ symphony (if relevant) and a 1-2-1 session with the leader of that team to explore findings and impact in the future.

  • Step Three

    Then there are two options (a) individual follow up through an individually focused retreat programme and/or (b) a team focused retreat programme.

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