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Alphosono Biometrics is an analytical process in which a person's unique symphony is determined by the human body's physical and emotional characteristics.

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What is Alphasono Biometrics™?

"Alphasono Biometrics is a unique and brand new approach to identifying and assessing whether your team or your organisation is "on key" or "off key".  Are you aware that you and everyone around you has a unique symphony?  What does your team's symphony say to you? There is no doubt that every business leader dreams of running a team and operation where there is harmony, where conflict is positive, and each team member is tuned to achieve success"

AlphaSono Biometrics Assessment Programme (ASAP)™

Will transform the well-being of your employees and reduce absenteeism

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Discover the three keys to Alphasono Biometrics™

I am the architect and visionary behind the AlphaSono Biometrics  Assessment Programme.  This programme is a unique and innovative way of assessing your body’s own natural symphony.  I have over a decade of experience working in this field.  I have helped numerous people to bring their symphony back ‘on key’.  I am a Mind and Body Tuner, Teacher and Sound Practitioner and recent author of ‘Your Health is your only Wealth’.  I am a values drive professional who holds integrity, loyalty, respect and unconditional love at the heart of everything I do in my life.  My passions are supporting others and their families, educating and raising awareness of the importance of the body’s symphony that sits at the core of who we are; and the amazing potential that it can bring into our lives.

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